After an evening of web searching I found a new gay vampire porn available for download/streaming, an early contribution from Brazil. The guys are hot and the vampires well-done. If you check this porn out online you’ll see four scenes available; the fourth is a bonus scene not related to the main film. Sticking to the first three scenes we get vampire action in each. The first two scenes feature pretty normal two-some suck-fuck action. In each after the sex one boy is revealed as the vampire (fangs appear) and he bites his victim. The three scene is a six boy orgy with one obvious vampire (although the vamp from the first scene is there to take charge). There’s no further biting in the third scene, but it appears as if a few of the boys have bite marks on their necks. The sex is not the best and far too often the boys keep looking at the camera or at someone behind the camera which does break the spell a bit.

There’s an almost beauitful moment at the end of scene two after the vampire has bitten his victim and without giving the story away, I was expecting the victim to be turned. But the scene ended in an awkward looking off camera cut.

Check out Vampiros online. Note to the Brazilian porn industry: keep the gay vampire porn coming!

Quick facts:
Running time: 90 mins (vampire scenes, 75 mins)
Overall rating: 3/5
Guys: 3/5
Vampire quality: 3.5/5
Amount of vampire action: 3/5
Vampire action: bared fangs, biting, hot guys
Worth the money: for the vampire action, yes.

4 thoughts on “Vampiros

  1. Go Brazil.

    Hey, mate. I forgot to say in my previous comment, thanks for making this site. It was incredibly difficult to find it, but worth it in the end, and I don’t think there’s another like it.

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