We got hacked and I’m bloody annoyed

Sorry folks, it seems the has been attacked resulting in pop-up ads appearing when you first click anywhere on the site. At the moment I have no idea where the problem is or how to fix it. Rest assured, the ads I want you seeing and the links I want you clicking on shouldn’t open Russian websites. For now things will be a bit messy while I don’t have time to fix things up.

Since I’m already posting an update, you may have wondered why things have gone so quiet here. Well it seems much of the world has moved on from vampires. I haven’t. But I’ve had nothing to report. There have been no new adult films, no regular movies, and no books worth mentioning (just more amazon click bait). It’s a sad state of affairs. The one ray of darkness, at least there is a vampire community out there. If you haven’t before, check out Endless Night Vampire balls in cities around you

If you have seen something worth seeing, send me an email (sebastien at gaymalevampire.com).

2 thoughts on “We got hacked and I’m bloody annoyed

  1. thank you sebastien for being the last bastion of gay vampire love. its so encouraging to see a true fan. my heart goes out to you, a fellow gay vampire

  2. hi i still love vampire men .. whe should collect and make more pics of gay vampire’s and of ourselfs and get more attention to the group.

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