Night of the Gay Vampire

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I am pleased to announce the latest gay vampire adult film to hit your screens, Night of the Gay Vampire. Written and directed by C.J. Boner and Shaun Michael Paris, Night of the Gay Vampire answers the question, can the bite of a gay vampire turn straight dudes gay? The answer is yes.

Hot young vampires turning straight dudes gay with every bite, you will find yourself wrapped up in its storyline as well as its 4 scenes, including two 4-way orgies, suck, jerking, hot ass play and of course biting.

We begin with Calab Frost being bitten and seduced by Tyler Starr. Calab is further initiated into the vampire life when he is introduced the vampire prince. He also meets gay vampire Dustin Reeves (he was also in Twinklight). The scenes are good and we see Calab’s fangs in full glory in the last scene. According to the filmmakers, there’s a possibility of a sequel, so if you like it, buy it to support independent filmmaking.

But we have a bonus available to visitors… watch the film on demand without leaving our site. Check out Night of the Gay Vampire

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