What do you want to see?

This is my annual, what do you want out of gaymalevampire.com post. I’m on the constant lookout for anything related to gay vampires but less and less is available, especially films. There has been a surge in ebooks, and to be honest I’ve slightly avoided cataloging what is out there (a lot) because so far interest in gay vampire fiction has been pretty low. I could expand the site and include more ‘straight’ vampire content, or continue my infrequent updates when there is something worth sharing about gay vampires.

Do you have any thoughts? Post a comment or send me an email (sebastien at gaymalevampire.com)… apologies, I’m terrible at responding to emails which is quite lame because some of you took the time to write me and I didn’t write back.

I should also ask if you find it difficult to find what you’re looking for on the site (assuming it exists). I try to create pages for relevent gay vampire topics, and also many posts when there is news, all of which creates a mess of information.

14 thoughts on “What do you want to see?

  1. Sebastien, what you’re doing is awesome. Whatever happened to having a little community or dating website… I could really use a vampire-loving bf right now?

    How about more vampire photos? And yeah, tell us about all the ebooks!

    1. Thanks. Good question about the dating site, would anyone else like that feature? Or is anyone looking for a boyfriend? Toby what part of the world are you in? I have a friend in London with sexy new fangs and looking for more gay vampire friends.

  2. Finding out about important film, video, or TV releases (such as the recent Vampire Boys II) is mostly what I come here for . . . however, since the gay-oriented material is obviously released much less regularly (even when including Twinklight), I would be in favor of expanding to anything that features hot male vampires (such as the upcoming Dracula TV series starring Jonathan Rhys Myers).

    I agree with Toby that high-quality photos are a plus . . . by the way, I’m also on the West Coast, so if we had a chat board on here we might be able to meet one another 😉

  3. I’d echo everyone else’s recommendations. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing more about eBooks as well, because as you mentioned, there’s a lot out there and I’ve sifted through my share of disappointments.

    And as Toby said, thanks for your efforts! Considering the limited supply of gay vampire content out there, I think you’re doing great. It’s definitely a unique niche, so I appreciate your the work you’re putting out there.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys, I’ll continue and expand. I’m always trying to find a way to have more of a forum, community thing here so I’ll see what I can do properly this time!

  5. Id love to see a connection feature with other like minded vamps or vamp lovers. Ebooks would be great also.

  6. A dating or community feature will be great. I want to meet other vampire loving gays.

    I want gay vampires because that fits me but I also watch / read straight vamp things too. Being Human, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, even Teen Wolf. And I watched the british series, Young Dracula (cheesy but somehow better than Vampire Diaries).

    Love you Sebastien… love this site. Do you ever go to any of the vampire parties… are they gay friendly?

  7. I’d like to know about how everyone here lives out their fantasies and does anyone go out as a vampire. Sebastien you shared something about fangs before, what was that?

    1. Peter (and Sebastien), a little while ago I was in Paris and was able to have a fang fitting with Father Sebastiaan, and it was brilliant!

      My fangs are fucking amazing. Sharp, perfectly fitted and they blend in with my teeth, yeah except they stand out in a good way.

      Father Sebastiaan puts the dental material over your teeth (canines, eye-teeth or both), then when it’s hardened he sculpts and polishes them on the spot… they are unique to each person. The thing is, there’s so much more to getting your fangs and I won’t share because you just need to get an appointment yourself. He’s in Paris or NYC. Email him.

  8. You are doing an awesome job Sebastien on the site! Thank you for your time and efforts.

    I think a dating portion of the site would be hot! There are so many like-minded people out there and combining gay and vampire is like the ultimate combo. Would love to find a bf who bite me every night 🙂

    As for other content, I echo what Jeff and Steven mentioned earlier about also including shows like True Blood, Being Human and the new Dracula, etc., It would be also cool to maybe interview some of the authors who write gay vampire fiction…especially the ebook writers. It would be neat to have their perspective on why or how they created the characters that they created. Just a thought. Overall, keep up the great work.

  9. Hey guys, these comments are great. I appreciate all the love and your suggestions (no need to stop ideas ;)). I hope to use as many of your ideas as I can.

    There are a few half-written articles on vampires that I shall now finish. I am looking into a community and / or dating addition to the site. And interviews sound great; maybe not just authors but actors. (If you are one, please get in touch).

    @lewis my friend *just* got back from Paris where he got this fangs. He told me Father Sebastiaan is really nice and friendly and very knowledgable about vampires. And I know what you mean, my friend’s fangs are HOT. (I upgraded from ‘plastic’ fangs years ago, made by a different fangsmith). My friend is now eager to attend the vampire balls and show off his fangs.

  10. It’s true, I just my fangs from Father Sebastiaan last week and they are so bloody cool, and real looking. Father Sebastiaan is an artist and was really nice. Everyone should get fangs from him. I just need a boyfriend to show them off to. I don’t want to say too much, but when you get fangs from the Father, you get invited to the community. Check out the endless night Facebook page, there’s a group for LGBT vampyre pride.

  11. Thanks Mike.

    Everyone, I am looking into creating a community website. It could be here on the main site or on a new site. I am just testing out software and getting my design friend to make it look better.

    Question: should I do this right away (in the next week or two) or continue with other improvements first?

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