When it comes to Being Human there are two types

Being Human USA will premiered last night on the Syfy network bringing to the US audience a UK hit. Unlike other remakes I’m hoping Being Human USA does well, though I have mixed feelings about whether the storyline should stay true to the original or deviate on its’ own path. If you don’t know the story, Being Human is the story of a vampire and werewolf who decide to become roommates to help each other be more normal, fit in with society but also have someone they don’t hide their secrets from. Their new home however is already occupied by a ghost. The original Being Human has been running on BBC America and can also be picked up on dvd or watched online from amazon.com (or try episode by episode on iTunes).

Aiden is the vampire (played by Sam Witwer), and he treats his need as if it were an addiction, but he has trouble staying on the wagon. The werewolf Josh (played by Sam Huntington) abandoned his life and family to go anonymous after becoming cursed. And there is Sally (Meaghan Rath), the ghost and formerly engaged to the landlord Danny. Set in Boston (but shot in what appears to be Montreal), the premiere is following the UK version closely but I suspect the plot will soon evolve, especially if Syfy plans more than 13 episodes for the first season. Series 2 featured a gay vampire who figured in at least one episode but could have been given more screen time.

Now for UK viewers, next Sunday will see the return of Being Human with the first series three episode.

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