Will there be vampires this Halloween?

Halloween is an interesting time of year for vampires, or at least it should be. It’s the one night where it is perfectly acceptable to dress up as a vampire and hang out in a club. Vampires can be themselves in public because mortals will just assume they are in costume. Of course maybe Halloween is an insult to the undead. Halloween parties, both in the club and on the street in your local gay-borhood, are great fun but it always seems the dressing up is more about sailors than the scarier side of the holiday. I have always seen Halloween as an occasion to vamp out and enjoy the scarier (and sexier) side of the night, but maybe horror and the macabre should be left out and enjoyed the rest of the year.

Last year October the run up to Halloween featured a good number of films and some exciting new fiction, but the same doesn’t seem to be happening this year with a few exceptions. Looking back there were a lot of articles last October, but this year it’s been quiet. Twinkblood premiered, Twilight New Moon and the Vampire’s Assistant were about to hit screens, Count Cockula from Fleshjack was released, Aden and Jordan Jaric modelled as vampires in a graveyard, and the Unzipped interview with yours truly was published. Brent Corrigan throw a party and went as a vampire, Jayden Grey also went as a vampire, and Lost Boys 3 was announced.

This year Let Me In is already on screens, along with the spoof Vampires Suck, but another Twilight movie has avoided being released. Lost Boys 3 was released and well, it could have been better. Actually it’s been a while since there has been a really good vampire film. We do have the continuing online series Brighter in Darkness to look forward to every other week (new episode coming this Monday). A few behind the scenes extras will be added to Twinklight, however it does not look like any new episodes will be added before Halloween—too bad as it seems the right time of year to celebrate vampires.

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