Vampire Diaries to get gay character, surprise

Alright I read an interview with Kevin Williamson and put it on my list of things to write about but forgot. In the last few days the internet has been a buzz with the news, and somehow I expect this is old news for you. But if this news is new, great! Vampire Diaries will add an openly gay character, but Williamson wants to make sure its a character with longevity and who enters naturally. Good, so far. The only question I have, will it be Caroline’s already gay father who hasn’t made an appearance on screen yet?

One suggestion has been dismissed, Tyler Lockwood, the soon to obvious werewolf. Good too, gay werewolves are a non-issue. No, Williamson wants to introduce a new character, so with any hope we get a vampire, and one around the same age as most of the principal cast. Actually it’s not such much a hope as an expectation; anything less will be a huge disappointment. Williamson gave us Dawson’s Creek and brought a gay character onto the show with his own coming out story, but now Kevin doesn’t think the coming out will be necessary.

Also of note, there were many questions left unanswered after Season 1’s cliffhanger, especially whether Jeremy becomes a vampire. And as a vampire will he get over girls and fall in love with the new gay vampire I’m hoping the writers will add to the cast. Vampire Diaries returns September 9.

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