Will Jeremy become a vampire?

I have to say that I am not only an obsessed fan of gay vampires but nearly everything vampire. This year I’ve been glued to the tv watching The Vampire Diaries, mostly waiting for some Kevin WIlliamson inspired gay content. I’ve been keeping my eye on the absolutely adorable Jeremy Gilbert (played by 21-year-old Steven R. McQueen) and in this week’s episode was rewarded at the end with an amazing revelation. (Don’t read the rest if you want to avoid spoilers).

Well the lovely Jeremy has discovered this girl he’s been “seeing” is a vampire and after letting her feed from him, he told her he wanted her to turn him. All season I’d been hoping he’d be turned because I’m sure he’d make an even hotter vampire. Sadly there’s been a lot of newbie vampire killing, including the vicious slaying of Sean Faris (who made for one sexy vampire). I hold me breath in hope that Jeremy succeeds.

One thought on “Will Jeremy become a vampire?

  1. if that chick turns him down, Jeremy could always go to one of the Salvatore brothers . . . Damon seems up for anything, so he’d be my first choice

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