Bite Marks

Bite Marks movie
Bite Marks
GMV rating: 4/5
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Gay-couple Cary and Vogel in the vampire film Bite Marks

Bite Marks is a gay-themed horror-comedy about truck driver Brewster (Benjamin Lutz) carrying a load of coffins to a funeral home who picks up two hitch hikers, gay-couple Cary (Windham Beacham) and Vogel (David Alanson). When Brewster’s GPS gets them lost and they end up broken down in a junkyard after sunset, we discover that the coffins aren’t empty. As night falls blood thirsty vampires emerge from the coffins and the trio must protect themselves and try to survive until dawn.

While not a gay vampire movie, Bite Marks is a more traditional film where the vampires are evil and the central protagonists are fighting for their lives. They just happened to be a gay-couple and a sexually confused trunk driver. The movie has been making the rounds at gay and horror film festivals but will be landing on dvd in November 2011 (you can pre-order it from or from

A full review will be posted as soon as the movie is watched, and hopefully enjoyed.

The five vampires of Bite Marks, escaped from their coffins and thirst for blood
David Alanson (Vogel) in the gay-themed vampire film Bite Marks

2 thoughts on “Bite Marks

  1. I loved the two that were turned later in the movie, even though the makeup wasn’t the best. I wasn’t happy at all with the end though, were we supposed to hate him because he was closeted? 🙁 Just let him stay a vamp trucker.

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