Drink Me


Drink Me by director Daniel Mansfield is a different type of gay vampire film that brings a new spin to the gay genre in an erotic and suspenseful tale of the stranger among us.

James and Andy (Emmett Friel and Darren Munn), a sexy gay couple, have everything they ever dreamed of… but things are about to change. Andy admits he’s lost his job just as his boyfriend James gets down on one knee to propose. Faced with too many bills, they take in a roommate, the handsome stranger Sebastian (Chris Ellis Stanton). Nightmares come to life as Andy realizes that Sebastian is hiding a dark secret. Could Sebastian be the killer stalking the streets of their neighborhood? The classic erotic thriller is re-imagined with a vampire on the loose in this highly erotic and exciting film.

The 74 minute British feature was made by husband & husband team Daniel & Richard Mansfield on a micro-budget, yet retains a high standard of cinematic quality both in the acting and production values. Fang screen time is brief, however this is off-set by a great amount of full-frontal male nudity from the three main actors. Both the director & crew and the actors on screen have done an excellent job, making Drink Me a highly erotic gay vampire thriller. The film is bright and colorful, yet the soundtrack denotes a darker tone without too many scary moments to correspond.

Though the film is on the short side for a full-length film, the pacing can sometimes both drag on and jump in places. Drink Me is light on dialogue, and some more conversations and exposition might have aided in fleshing out what the characters were thinking. The film is also filled with dream & fantasy scenes that sometimes makes it difficult to follow. In the end I was not entirely sure if the vampire was real.

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