The best gay vampire films

One hundred years have passed since Bram Stoker’s death and to mark the anniversary many articles were written summarizing Stoker’s life, impact on vampires and what the last century has given vampires. One article reflected on the best vampire films created since Stoker popularized vampires. There are plenty of top 10, 50 or 100 lists around the web, including the 70 best on IMDB.

We could compile a list here, maybe weed out some of the lamer vampire movies, or we focus on the best gay vampire films, unfortunately that’s not going to be a long list.

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All-time best gay vampire films

Bite Marks

While backpacking across the country, bickering gay couple Cary and Vogel decide to speed up their trek by hitchhiking instead. That’s when fate brings them Brewster, a sexually confused trucker who picks the pair up on his way to delivering a shipment of coffins. After a few strokes of bad luck, the mismatched trio ends up lost and broken down in an abandoned junkyard. Though surviving a night of petty fights and sexual tension seems tough enough, the nightmare is only just getting started as strange noises in the back of the truck reveal the presence of five bloodthirsty vampires. Sadly there are no gay vampires in Bite Marks. (Full review)

Eulogy for a vampire

A handsome young drifter is found unconscious near a remote rural monastery inhabited by the mysterious Order of Pathicus. His strong sexuality unsettles the young monks. One by one, they unravel through their perverse obsession with the drifter, who seems to possess an inner knowledge about the monastery and its dark secrets.


Scab centers around Ajay, who gets a nasty surprise from a one-night stand who didn’t take no for an answer. The guy was forceful and left Ajay craving the red stuff. When his friends Teague and Floor come to the rescue, a road trip to Las Vegas results in some blood shed and a few new vampires. The way the vampires are made is, to say the least, gay and comes with a bit of baggage for Teague who’s pining for Ajay and Floor, who’s straight. Throughout the film there is plenty of fang action, buckets of blood and some cute victims. Compared to another gay horror movie released at the time, Hellbent (not vampire related), Scab is far superior and it took a refreshing approach to vampires. To this day, Scab has only been made available on DVD in France, but has never been in wide release. (Full review)

Vampire Boys

A brood of hot and hungry vampires are in desperate need of “The One” a young, fresh blooded victim that can be turned into an eternal mate that allows them to live forever. Tara, a sexy and seductive college student who is open to suggestion, offers herself up to the gang of vampires but Jasin, the dominant leader, has other ideas as Caleb, a fresh-faced and innocent stranger, enters the scene. Jasin is everything Caleb has dreamt of and both males feel an instant and uncontrollable connection, a connection that threatens to tear the vampire brood apart. Jasin has to decide which is “The One” is, as he asks Who would you die for to live forever? While there’s a gay relationship between Jasin and Caleb, at no point is it clear whether all the vampires are gay; they feed on guys mostly and even Jasin seems also to be open to dating females. (Full review)

Vampires: Brighter in Darkness

When cute, wide-eyed Toby comes out of a disastrous relationship, sister Charlotte sets him up on a blind date with a difference. What neither of them realise is that the date is with Lucas, a 1500 year old vampire. Before long, Toby is plunged into the dark world of demons, black magic and the supernatural, where nobody is safe and nothing is what it seems… An exciting British feature film brimming with a whole fresh batch of upcoming and easy-on-the-eye local talent, Vampires: Brighter in Darkness brings the romance and terror of the Twilight series to the UK, with a queer twist and oddles of sex appeal.
Originally a web-series, Brighter in Darkness was released on the big screen as a feature length film and will soon be available on DVD (well fall 2012).


The king is coming out! In the dark middle ages the last vampire king got killed and since that time vampires hide and search for their new king. As they finally find him in New York in 2012 the king is everything but happy that he should be the new leader of the vampires. Award winning gay vampire movie that is funny and bloody at the same time!
After making the festival rounds, Vamperifica will soon be available on DVD. It’s included in this list because based on other reviews it’s reportedly good.

Gay vampire movies worth missing

1313: Boy Crazies

Aside from being just plain terrible, it’s not even clear Boy Crazies was gay. Trent’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when his male model housemates turn out to be a band of insatiable vampires. And soon Trent finds himself craving something else.

Love Bites

Meet Jake Hunter. He’s young, he’s cute and he fancies himself as the very model of a modern-day fearless vampire killer. Together with Lesley, his reluctant sidekick, Jake sets out to tackle his greatest challenge ever — the West Hollywood Count. But when the ghoul of his nightmares turns out to be the dashing hunk of his dreams, Jake discovers that there’s more to this case than he counted on. Putting a novel, sexy twist on the Transylvanian myth, Love Bites combines comedy and eroticism in a fabulous gothic gay romance.

What’s your favorite gay vampire movie?

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