The Lair gay vampire tv series

The Lair was a gay vampire television series produced by HereTV that ran for three seasons and a total of 24 episodes. Named after the private members club owned and run by vampires, the show followed reporter Thom as he discovers the true nature of the club and becomes involved with the nightlife.

The first season of 6 episodes began airing in June 2007, followed in 2008 with 9 episodes and finally the 13 episode third season in 2009. No fourth season has ever been announced though there was also never a declaration that the series had otherwise ended. A cliff hanger in the last episode has left fans wondering what happened. Critics wrote off the show, though it was the only broadcast tv gay vampire series (until the web series Brighter in Darkness was aired in the UK), and remains (though somewhat painful to watch) a good gay vampire show with some really hot vampires. (A full lament can be read in the previous article ).

Season summaries

Warning, the following contains spoilers, though vague.

Season one:

Thom begins digging into the Lair club thanks to the human janitor Frankie who wants to expose the club, but then warns Thom off. The small town reporter has catch the eye of the club’s owner, Damian, as he thinks he is the reincarnation of his long death love, the one who turned him. Thom’s jealous boyfriend thinks he is cheating on him and goes to the club for evidence where he is bitten. Jonathan spends most of the remaining season in the hospital with the suspicious bite marks that heal quickly. Those bite marks get the town Sheriff involved as several bodies have been found around town, though when one body is discovered he eventually rises a vampire though sadly he meets a final death. While this is going on, one of the junior vampires, Colin, decides to plot against Damian and take control of the club. In the final scene, a shoot out ends one mortals’ like, wounds the Sheriff, and a new vampire rises and bites Thom, there ending the season with a major cliffhanger.

Season two:

The second season introduced two new ‘creatures’ to the little island while The Lair remained closed due to the shooting. While the Sheriff recovers struggling with his temporary blindness, he takes in a drifter to help out around the house, Ian who happens to be a werewolf. On another part of the island a botanist finds and cultivates a killer plant that blooms in moonlight. Colin continues his take over of the club as he assumes Damian is taken care of, but Damian has reached out to Thom for help. Thom’s boyfriend is now avoiding him, staying at the Lair and adjusting to being a vampire, though tragically he is murdered by Damian when Jonathan attempts to turn Thom. Frankie the dead janitor begins to haunt Colin, and with Damian back in the picture, Colin is eventually destroyed.

Season three:

The Lair is restored with Damian back in charge and Thom his boyfriend and weakened donor. Colin is eager to return from the dead and enlists Thom’s ex Richie to bring him back using his ashes and a ceremony. Once back in his body Colin and his posse take over another gay bar in town to make it theirs. One guest to the new bar is Athan, a new arrival to the island who’s looking for an artefact and who happens to be a male gorgon (like Medusa). Thom is also looking for the artefact and seduces a local author and bookstore owner into giving up a map that leads him to a cure for Damian’s vampirism. Damian is tricked by Frau von Hess, who seeks revenge against Damian, only he’s cured and free to escape and return to Thom. Of course he doesn’t remain human for very long, especially with Colin still wanting him eliminated

Peter Stickles as Damian Courtenay (season 1 – 3)
David Moretti as Thom Etherton (season 1 – 3)
Dylan Vox as Colin (season 1-)
Frankie Valenti as Tim (season 2 – 3)
Brian Nolan as Frankie (season 1 – 3)
Steven Hirschi as Athan (season 3)
Colton Ford as Sheriff Trout (season 1 – 3)
Sybil Danning as Frau von Hess (season 3 guest star)
Beverly Lynne as Laura Rivers (season 1 – 2)
Jesse Cutlip as Jonathan (season 1)
Evan Stone as Jimmy (season 1)
Michael Von Steel as Eric (season 1)
Arthur Roberts as Dr. Belmont (season 1)
Ted Newsom as Dr. Cooper (season 1)
Ethan Reynolds as Jonathan (season 2)
Matty Ferraro as Ian (season 2)
Matthew King as Dr. Jake Waldman (season 2)
Jared Grey as Harris (season 3)
Grant Landry as Gary (season 2 – 3)
Bobby Quinn Rice as Richie (Season 2 – 3)
Brandon Ruckdashel as Riley (Season 2)

Feel free to get The Lair for yourself… it’s still a recommended watch even now.
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