Vampire Boys 2: The new brood

The sequel to the 2011 Vampire Boys picks up a year later with Caleb and Jasin living together with Tara. There’s a good storyline hidden there but on the whole the film is a disappointment and sadly not deserving of my recommendation (and I’m perfect forgiving). Not everything was bad about the film and it has many good parts, but overall it was a little flat.

Vampire Boys 2

Of the little vampire action there was, it was pretty hot. The boys with the fangs were great, and one turning scene was particularly good. The new actors who picked up Caleb and Jasin’s roles were good, but what their characters had to do was so little and uninteresting. They are the main characters but we find ourselves drawn to a growing coven of ‘bad’ vampires. I was rooting Demetrius (and his fanged vampires), the vampire who has returned to get his revenge against Jasin, completely unknown to Jasin. Demetrius plots to destroy Jasin by creating an army of vampires by recruiting unwilling victims from a local boxing gym for his new coven (or brood). In his quest for domination, he recruits Jasin’s ex, Tara, who is still quietly grieving from Jasin’s rejection (get over it girl, Caleb is cuter). Of course there’s a final showdown and we learn the secret the Demetrius keeps about his maker and how Jasin fits into his past (look at that, I’m still trying not to spoil the film).

Tara, Jasin and Caleb in Vampire Boys 2

I am happy to support independent gay cinema and especially gay vampire films, but we need to have a minimum level of quality. In my completely biased opinion, I must insist on seeing fangs, and there is no good reason for bad fangs. Eyes and other special effects don’t have to be overdone, but fangs are essential. (Imagine how Twilight would have been amazing if those red-eyed vamps had fangs… oh and didn’t frick’n sparkle). I liked how lots of vampires were created in Vampire Boys 2, but their destruction was less enjoyable (again that’s a personal bias).

Tara is going to cut Caleb in Vampire Boys 2

I’m hoping director Steven Vasquez delivers better vampires in Kissing Darkness. Would I recommend you buy Vampire Boys 2: the new brood (amazon), not unless you’re like me a hard-core vampire fan. When it comes out on rental or pops up on some online viewing site, it’s worth a watch for a few bucks. But to be fair, there are dozens of straight vampire films that are 100x worse. I sat through the entire Vampire Boys 2, something I can’t say for a lot of vampire films.

GMV rating: 2/5

Jasin in Vampire Boys 2

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  1. The entire film was posted to a Gay porn feature site… I stopped to watch, then to scim, then to turn off this AWFUL film. All the problems that were a part of the original are MAGNIFIED in this film. Tissue thing plot, dialogue so juvenile it is laughable and only 1 passable actor in the cast and I mean only passable. Just a total waist of time this one.

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