Watch over me

Released on DVD in the Boys on Film 7: Bad Romance short-film collection, Watch Over Me is a short Israeli film about a gay solider, Eitan, who has just completed his final training in a secret army unit, except he has one last task ahead of him.

He’s given a night off and taken out by his mates from the unit, to be initiated by his comrades. The two others in his unit are egging him on to deal with a gay man who came into the bar while they were drinking.

Hoping to protect the guy, Eitan seeks him out, but when they get to the beach and become passionate the new Eitan emerges. All the descriptions of the film are vague and only allude to the soliders being special. In fact they are vampires, complete with fangs.

This is only the second short gay vampire film to make a Boys on Film collection. As the Boys on Film series are produced by a UK company they’re hard to find state-side, and even then buying the whole collection just to see one film is probably not worth it. Maybe the film company will someday do a Boys on Film vampire compilation. You can still grad it from or or watch it online.

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