Where to find gay vampire movies and tv shows

We get a lot of questions about where to find a lot of the movies and tv shows, for rent or purchase so to make it easier here is a list of links to find the best of gay vampires.

1313: Boy Crazies:
Not recommended, the movie is terrible. But if you must, on iTunes or Amazon.com

Bite Marks:
iTunes, Amazon.com or tlavideo

Buy or rent on Amazon.com or tlavideo

Drink Me:
Buy on Drink Me on Amazon.com (or Drink Me on Amazon.co.uk)

Eulogy for a vampire:
Buy or rent on iTunes or Amazon.com

Love Bite:
The Australian short film is part of the Boys on Film 2 compilation, also hard to find. Available in the UK on Amazon.co.uk

Love Bites:
No longer available

Not yet released in the US (previously released in France, English with optional French subtitles on region 2 DVDs, available from Scab on Amazon.com, Scab on Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.uk)

The Lair:
Grab all three seasons on DVD on Amazon.com, Amazon.com or tlavideo. Season 2 also available for download per episode on Amazon.com Instant Video

Available on Blu-Ray from Amazon.com OR Amazon.co.uk

Vampire Boys:
Buy or rent on iTunes, tla, or Amazon.com

Vampires: Brighter in Darkness:
Movie not yet released, expected 13 November 2012 worldwide on Amazon.com and iTunes (22 October in the UK from Amazon.co.uk). Episodes don’t appear to be online anymore.

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  1. The Entirety of “Kissing Darkness” starring Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) is posted to YouTube. It comes from the same producers as Judas Kiss. A fine effort that made the rounds of the festivals in 2012/13. Sadly Judas did not Kiss Kissing Darkness with any of it’s magic. Kissing Darkness is mostly a waste of time. But it’s there on YT and it’s got hot guys shirtless a lot and a few fangs. So if you can wade through it… well then you’ve waded through it.

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