First entry

Hello, my name is Sebastien and I run, and I have a vampire fetish. I think I written about this many a time, in various places around this site such as the about page or writing about the fetish. Many of the articles I write vary between using ‘we’ or ‘I’, quite inconsistently, which is why I wanted to start a diary where I could post my thoughts on being gay and loving vampires.

From time to time I want to share things and thoughts that are either small, mundane or not worth a full article. That doesn’t stop me from writing super long rants about the state of vampires and gay vampires (the droughts or floods of new products/movies/books). But lately I have wanted to write more personally about loving vampires and what extents I go to.

Today’s little addition to the site is a rather out of date summary of the gay vampire tv show The Lair. I’ve written a few times before about The Lair, but I had not really given an overview. This came about when I looked at the film & tv page which is very popular but doesn’t get updated much. I noticed that a lot of the content is actually old news and not helpful summaries on those movies. So I will be cleaning that section up. Which is, returning to The Lair, why I wrote a whole new article on a show that’s been off the air for over 4 years. I was going to write about the best gay vampires movies but I found out I did that already, last May.

Next up, I shall compile a list of the best fangs from the Twinklight series. Suggestions welcome. By far I think Jayden Ellis’ fangs were some of the best. We’ll see how this pans out. I could write a lot more about Twinklight but I might start annoying fans of non-twink vampires. Quick, someone go make a non-twink gay vampire porn and we can focus on that.

Right, that’s enough for the now.
Bite you later.

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