Updated: September 27, 2015

Here at Gay Male Vampire we are big fans of the Fleshjack, and have been ever since receiving the Count Cockula Fleshjack back in 2009 and reviewing it. (It’s a vampire themed Fleshjack which is pretty affordable compared to the main products, yet it works just as well, but sadly it’s no longer available). So now you know I recommend Fleshjack because I like using them, and now for my pitch about what you should know about buying one. Look away now if this bothers you.

One last thing before we start, I always like a good deal and don’t pay full price for my Fleshjacks because I get them on sale. There are often sales on Fleshjack products, but don’t expect to find a coupon code for Fleshjack, they stopped using them over two years ago. I recommend following our friends at Hot Gay Deals for the latest Fleshjack sales and coupon codes.

Getting started

There are a few things worth knowing before buying your Fleshjack. Once you buy one, you’ll want another. All the writers/editors here have tried several of Fleshjack models with various sleeves and have our preferences. I am also not too picky about the orifice, and it’s only going to matter on how wide you want the opening: ass or mouth, it’s nearly the same, but go for ass for the tighter opening. But really, the opening is chosen for aesthetic or privacy reasons (there is the closet orifice if you don’t want to show your preference). Then again if you prefer pounding asses, get the ass orifice.

There are so many Fleshjack models to choose from, including over 20 celebrity porn star models — including Fleshjack Boys the Visconti Triplets, and the newest featuring Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett and Pierre Fitch.

First, picking the right Fleshjack

When choosing your perfect Fleshjack Sleeve, you need to check out your dick, and circumference (or girth) is just as important as the length. When the average dick is erect, the penis length is about 5 to 6 inches long and the girth is about 4 to 5 inches. So, you might want to use a measuring tap to get your measurements—or assume you are above average—just to make sure you get it right. Hey if you are a big boy especially in girth, you want the right Sleeve. The proper measurement will make the difference between an enjoyable and less than enjoyable experience with your Fleshjack. For example, choose a small sleeve and you might feel discomfort while using, and of course too large and you won’t get the best experience.

“Fleshjack ranks the sleeves from most tight to least tight: Ultra Tight, Super Tight, Wonder Wave/Speed Bump/Super Ribbed, Endurance, Original.”

Now, personal preference. Choosing the sleeve is the most important part of purchasing your Fleshjack and even for the makers of Fleshjack this is not an exact science. If you are a big boy, then the Ultra Tight might be uncomfortable, so it’s best to try the Original or one fo the textured sleeves. I’ve leaned toward the textured models and experimented with the Super Tight, which some guys have found too tight but I found just right. Endurance has been our mutual favorite for going the distance. I also tried the Count Cockula for fun, it’s kinky but pretty much a speed bump in a can case. I recommend the Jack’s Soda sex-in-a-can Fleshjacks for the price, but the original flashlight case is the sturdiest and more flexible for our various sleeves.

I also recommend you buy lube with your Fleshjack, even if you have some, you’re going to use it all up! But seriously, Fleshjack recommends that you use only water based lubricants with your Fleshjack. Oil based lubes will break down the special super skin material over time.

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