Twinklight episode guide

The Twinklight episode guide is based on the numbering used by the gay vampire adult series, which is slightly off from the original release sequence; we’re now up to episode 29.

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Billa and his ex in Twinklight

Twink Has One Hot, Final Fuck with Ex-Boyfriend

Episode: 1
Featuring: Billa (Skyelr Bleu) and his ex (Darin)

In this sexy opening scene Billa and his ex are having one final night together. His ex is the buff aggressive type and heartlessly dominates the tender hearted Billa, leaving the poor twink desperate to leave his town for new beginnings. In this extended scene there are no fangs or vampire action.

Egan and Preston in Twinklight

Egan Pleasures His Victim and Takes His Life

Episode: 2
Featuring: Egan (Jayden Ellis) and Victim 1 (Preston Andrews)

The sexual secrets of vampires are revealed in this erotic scene with Egan and his victim. Egan begins by giving him a delicious and deep-throat blowjob. Soon he has a taste for blood and spills it down his victim’s body, licking it up eagerly. Egan bends him over, penetrating him deeply, before taking his mortal life with one, deadly bite.

Vampire 1 and Bailey in Twinklight

Vampire Leads Twink into the Sexy Depths of the Underworld

Episode: 3
Featuring: Vampire 1 (Brice Carson) and Bailey (JT Wreck)

In this extended scene, Bailey is seduced by Vampire 1, ending with Bailey being bitten (but not immediately turned). Bailey is getting dangerously close to the vampire underworld. Not knowing the danger he’s in, the young twink takes a sexy vamp to bed. Bailey feels only excitement when the vamp pours hot wax all over his own chest, and doesn’t see it coming when his involvement with the dead has a dangerous ending.

Vampire 1 and Bailey in Twinklight

Vampire Shows Bailey How Hot the Underworld Can Be

Episode: 4
Featuring: Vampire 1 (Brice Carson) and Bailey (JT Wreck)

In this scene Bailey is going to town on a lucky Vampire 1 cock. He’s getting a great blowjob when he decides to return the favor and put Bailey’s cock deep into his throat. All of that hot oral action leads to some amazing twink anal as they take turns getting it from behind. This was the original first scene between Bailey and Vampire 1 where Bailey is bitten but not yet turned.

Edmund and Egan in Twinklight

Romance Between Edmund and Egan Has Deadly Ending

Episode: 5
Featuring: Edmund and Egan

The passionate feelings between Edmund and Egan are evident in this scene. The romance is palpable as they experience each other’s bodies, sucking and touching before Edmund mounts Egan for a delicious climax. But the high doesn’t last for long as Edmund, the monster that he is, can’t help himself from feeding on his new young lover.

Bailey and Darin in Twinklight

Threesome Between Ethan, the Ex-Boyfriend and Bailey Becomes Vampire Feast

Episode: 6
Featuring: Ethan (Ethan Storm), Bailey (JT Wreck) and the ex (Darin)

Billa’s ex-boyfriend may have gotten the first laugh when he left Billa feeling alone and unloved, but he certainly doesn’t get the last laugh. This hardcore, animalistic threesome involves Ethan, Bailey and Billa’s ex-boyfriend in rough, greedy sex. There’s endless pleasure seeking and self gratification as they focus on licking each other’s assholes and nailing each other hard and fast. But things don’t end well for the ex who gets his cold, empty heart feasted upon by Bailey in a final, gory scene.

Vampire 2 and Victim 2 in Twinklight

Victim is Dominated and Torn Apart by Vampire

Episode: 7
Featuring: Vampire 2 (Aidan Chase) and Victim 2 (Dustin Revees)

This is the extended scene between Vampire 2 (Aidan Chase) and his Victim (Dustin Revees). The victim is chained by the throat and taking orders from his vampire master.Vampires are dark creatures who like their sex dark as well. A victim is chained by the throat, being dominated and controlled by a sexy vampire. The vamp has his way, controlling his victim’s head greedily to obtain the perfect blowjob. But the humble victim doesn’t mind it at all when he’s bent over and fucked rough. Nor does he mind it when his throat is torn apart by deadly teeth and blood spews into the vamp’s hungry mouth.

Gay vampire Edmund and Billa in Twinklight

Billa and Edmund’s Feelings Finally Erupt into a Hot Climax

Episode: 8
Featuring: Edmund (Krys Perez) and Billa (Skyelr Bleu)

Sexual need and anticipation come to a climax in this moving scene between Billa and Edmund. Edmund is a powerful and masculine top who rides gentle Billa with passion and feeling. Billa’s fantasies are finally coming true as he enjoys the sensations of Edmund’s large and potent cock rocking inside him with fervor. It’s the scene we’ve all been waiting for as the four-play between these two gorgeous lovers erupts into hot, carnal need and gentle, soulful penetration.

Edmund and Preston in Twinklight

Vampire Plays Cello to Seduce his Prey

Episode: 9
Featuring: Edmund (Krys Perez) and Victim 1 (Preston Andrews)

This was an original scene from when Preston was Billa. Edmund first plays his cello for Preston. The musical foreplay leads to lustful, demanding sex as the two lovers devour each other’s bodies. Edmund is a dark and mysterious creature. He begins this scene soulfully playing his cello, stroking the neck and manipulating the notes into something beautiful. His passion transfers to his victim as he uses the boy as another one of his instruments. He pleasures himself with his victim’s young, firm body and finds a sense of peace at last within the boy’s tight, generous ass. It may not solve all of Edmund’s woes, but as he cums all over the boy he gets the temporary solace he so deeply needs.

Vampire 3 and Elijah in Twinklight

Elijah Is Captured in the Vampire World by a Sexy Vampire

Episode: 10
Featuring: Vampire 3 (Rad Matthews) and Elijah (Levon Meeks)

In this extended scene between Vampire 3 has Elijah, the sexy and aggressive Vampire has tied up Elijah in his vampire lair, within the vampire club. He wastes no time plunging his fangs into the boys’ neck, devouring his blood with dark intensity. The straight Elijah is more than happy to oblige after this fateful encounter and a sexy, bloody blowjob follows. Elijah was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Neither gay nor a vampire, Elijah finds himself chained to the wall of a gay vampire club. When a vamp begins seductively undressing him there is nothing Elijah can do but enjoy the raw, carnal pleasure that flows through his body as he is stroked and sucked. By the time he is unchained Elijah is an extremely active participant, and even enjoys the final deadly bite that ends his mortal life.

Vampire Egan and Victim 3 in Twinklight

Vampires Have Been This Sexy But Never This Naked

Episode: 11
Featuring: Victim 3 Turned (Kain Lanning) and Egan (Jayden Ellis)

in the first true additional episode, Egan has left Las Vegas and we watch him prowl through the woods following Victim 3 turned (played by newcomer Kain Lanning). Kain gets the feeling someone is watching him. ‘Hello, is anybody there?’, he shouts. Nobody answers. Scared, and alone he quickly starts to head back to his cabin. He glances back and out jumps Egan. He bares his pointed teeth before the chase begins. Egan chases Kain through the woods, back to his cabin. Egan is already inside, assuring Kain he isn’t going to hurt him. After Egan seduces Kain, he tells his victim he’s building an army, but at the end of the episode we don’t know if Kain is turned.

Vampire Edmund in Twinklight

You Really Are Being Followed

Episode: 12
Featuring: Edmund (Krys Perez) and Vampire 1 (Brice Carson)

Edmund takes us back to his past when he used to hunt and feed on mortals.He spots Brice (future Vampire 1) coming out of a back alley. When Brice notices he’s being followed, a chase ensues, and Edmund pins his victim up against a chained link fence. Edmund bares his fangs and to his surprise, Brice admits vampires as a turn on and invites Edmund back to his place. The two waste no time, they undress each other, suck each other, then Edmund gives Brice the fuck of a life time. And while Edmund feeds off Brice in the end, we’ll see mortal Brice in a future episode.

Two vampires against one victim in Twinklight

Scared Boy is Surrounded

Episode: 13
Featuring: Vampire 4 (Jonathan Cole), Victim 4 (Tyler Bolt) and Vampire 5 (Alex Todd)

Tyler Bolt is waiting for the bus to arrive. He’s confronted by two guys, Alex Todd and Jonathan Cole, on their nightly prowl. When Tyler attempts to leave, he’s forced into sticking around and the scene leads into a hot threesome. We’re lead to believe this boys are vampires but we never see fangs.

Vampire 6 and Victim 5 in Twinklight

Confused Boy Under Vampire Power

Episode: 14
Featuring: Victim 5 (Jason Alcok) and Vampire 6 (Jae Landen)

Jason Alcok is crying at the bus stop after being stranded by his friend, the same bus stop from the previous episode. But this time a single new vampire (Jae Landen) appears to comfort Jason. Then under Jae’s hypnotizing gaze, Jason is soon naked for the taking. The two suck and fuck on the bench before the bloodsucker coats the mortal’s chest with his seed. And just like the previous scene at this bus stop bench, we never see fangs on the vampire.

Vampire 8 read to bite Vampire 7 in Twinklight

Vampires Contemplate Eternal Life

Episode: 15
Featuring: Victim 3 Turned (Kain Lanning), Vampire 8 (Elijah White), Vampire 7 (Kyle Richerds)

In this episode we are taken back in time and are introduced to Elijah White, a new vampire to the story who lectures his mortal boy toy about the rules and expectations of being his little pet. To prove his loyalty, Kyle is forced to drink the blood of another mortal pet, Kain Lanning who’s caged up in the room for the occasional feeding. This is the second episode with Kain, and in it he’s still mortal which answers the question whether Egan turned him in episode 11. Kyle is also cast as Vampire 7, though he may not be one yet and doesn’t appear again in Twinklight.

Edmund and Victim 6 in Twinklight

Horny vampire Edmund feasts on cock and ass tonight

Episode: 16
Featuring: Edmund (Krys Perez) and Victim 6 (Josh Bensan)

In another flashback with Edmund we meet Victim 6, a journalist who has taken an interest in the life of Edmund (sounds like Interview with the twink-vampire). Little does he know, he’d soon discover what Edmund’s life is about when Edmund reveals what he really is. After some vampire persuasion and some feeding, Krys takes Josh into the bedroom where he seduces his victim further.

Victim 3 Turned and Victim 7 in Twinklight

Won’t You Come In?

Episode: 17
Featuring: Victim 3 Turned (Kain Lanning) and Victim 7 (Adrian Layton)

Kain finally appears in his first role as a vampire, when he meets up with Adrian Layton in hopes of fulfilling his new hunger for blood. Learning that his newly found hook up is into biting, Kain gladly fulfills Adrian’s fetish. After sucking, fucking and blowing his load, he gives Adrian a little love bite.

Edmund and Vampire 1 in Twinklight

Edmund Devours his Prey

Episode: 18
Featuring: Edmund (Krys Perez) and Vampire 1 (Brice Carson)

Edmund and Brice return once more, with Brice still mortal. In a steamy scene with some acrobatic maneuvers, Edmund bares his fangs again, especially when he slinks between Brice’s legs, minding his fangs while sucking on Brice. After things get sticky when the two find release, they get bloody as Krys feeds.

Victim 3 Turned and Vampire 4 in Twinklight

A Chance Encounter Turns Hot and Wet

Episode: 19
Featuring: Victim 3 Turned (Kain Lanning) and Vampire 4 (Jonathan Cole)

Vampire Kain returns, prowling the streets when he comes across Jonathan Cole, who’s looking for some company. The two end up back at the house in the shower together, trading oral and eating each others asses. Kain bends Jonathan over the sink to fuck him, before Kain even gets his own ass fucked by Jonathan before the two blow their loads all over Jonathan’s stomach. The scene contains fangs but no biting. We saw Jonathan in earlier in episode 13 where he and Vampire 5 attack Victim 4.

Victim 3 Turned and Victim 8 in Twinklight

Kain and Ryan in the kitchen

Episode: 20
Featuring: Victim 3 Turned (Kain Lanning) and Victim 8 (Ryan Sharp)

Kain Lanning and Ryan Sharp kiss in the kitchen before Kain sits down to let Ryan suck his dick. The lip-pierced stunner works over the vampire’s dick before getting his own cock wet. These two make use of the island in the kitchen by fucking all over it. First Kain takes Ryan like a dog before getting him flat on his back. Ryan cums while he’s being fucked just before Kain squirts all over his chest. During this episode Kain does not reveal he’s a vampire, not even in the accompanying photos.

The new episodes

Jayden Boyd and Brice Carson

Episode 21
Featuring: Jayden Boyd and Brice Carson

Horny Vamp Brice Carson is out hunting in the park for a new delicious victim, and he certainly finds a tasty treat when he stumbles across newcummer Jayden Boyd. Jayden is no stranger to vampire ways, but perhaps his guard is down being in a new city. He’s soon feeding the vamp his hung cut cock and then tasting dick too before sliding his meaty tool into his new friends hole, fucking the cum out of him before laying back to jerk out his own. Only then does he discover that a hard fuck is not all Brice wants from him!

I like to hear you say it

Episode 22
Featuring: Levi (Mark Winters) and Dario (Wily Ryden)

After a rather one-sided meal, Levi (Mark Winters) finally asks Dario (Wily Ryden) back to his place. The two boys make out as they find their way to bed and Levi is the first to lose his clothes. They take turns sucking each other before Dario sinks his cock into Levi’s ass. He fucks the slender mortal first from behind and then in missionary. After they’ve released, Dario sinks something else into Levi… his fangs. In the first episode of the new series of Twinklight, we’re introduced to new characters who may be seen again.

A New Vampire on the Prowl

Episode 23
Featuring: Vampire 9 (Conner Bradley) and Vampire 10 (Johnny Skyy)

The description for episode 23 is completely wrong. Unlike the writeup, Conner is not “enjoying his newfound fangdom…by having some hot, intense sex with a fellow vampire like Johnny Skyy. Not until the end is Conner bitten, and we assume this turns him but we don’t see the results in this video. In a later episode Conner is a full vampire. Somehow in all the excitement there has been no episode showing Conner become a vampire, even though we see clips of his change in his interview so they do exist.

Brice Carson & Matthew Hunter

Episode 24
Featuring: Vampire 1 (Brice Carson) and Matthew Hunter

Even though Brice has been a vampire since the original movie, there are flashbacks from before his turning. While Brice is advertised as the vampire in this episode, Matthew is actually the one with fangs, but only in the preview photos as this is yet another no fang video.

I suppose it’s versatile

Episode 25
Featuring: Vampire 9 (Conner Bradley) and Victim 10 (AJ Abner)

AJ Abner is trying to break into his own car, or steal someone else’s, when Conner Bradley comes onto the scene. Thief or not, AJ isn’t subtle about what he wants… a piece of Conner. What’s a vampire to do but oblige a horny young twink? The two exchange oral, and wet rim jobs, before AJ gets all of Conner’s eight inches up his ass. The two fuck before the scenes reaches a climax with a double facial. While I’ve pretty much panned this episode for the lack of fangs throughout the video, it originally appeared soon after episode 22 with Vampire 9 already turned.

Would You Miss Me?

Episode 26
Featuring: Victim 6 (Josh Bensan) and Vampire 9 (Conner Bradley)

New born vampire Conner Bradley is cuddling with his best friend, Josh Bensan, when things take a sexual turn. The two kiss before Conner slips down to suck Josh’s cock. He straddles his mortal friend, thrusting his cock between his lips before the vampire gets his ass eaten. Josh straddles Conner to take his big cock up his ass. The two switch positions so Josh can take Conner’s load in his mouth before jacking off and cumming himself. Once the boys have gotten off, Conner succumbs to his thirst, sinking his fangs into Josh’s soft throat.

Jason Alcok & Harry Cox

Episode 27
Featuring: Jason Alcok and Harry Cox (vampire 10)

Walking unknown dark streets at night can be dangerous, especially when there are horny predators around. But little does young Jason Alcok know he’s walking right into the lair of a vampire. Harry Cox has changed, although he might look the same on the outside, there’s a sexual demon lurking within. One look and an instruction is all that’s needed and his victim is under a spell. Half way in, vampire Harry feeds on Jason, however that part of the scene is dark and his fangs are only briefly seen. This is the second time Jason has fallen victim to a hungry vampire as he was first in episode 14 and found by a vampire at a bus stop.

Giovanni Lovell and Carson Evans

Episode 28
Featuring: Giovanni Lovell (vampire 11) and Carson Evans

Sexy Spanish vampire Giovanni Lovell has a new prey in lean young lad Carson Evans. They meet at a vampire hunting party, but instead Giovanni reveals to Carson he has a vampire in his apartment upstairs and tempts the boy with the the lure of having sex high on vampire blood. When they get to the bed and Carson asks where the vampire is, Gionvanni reveals his fangs, and for the first time feeds his victim before they have hot sex. The fangs were present during almost the whole sex scene, exactly how the Twinklight videos are supposed to be. The feeding was very late in the episode and we didn’t see a final shot of Giovanni with blood smeared around his mouth.

Max Ryder and Carson Evans

Episode 29
Featuring: Carson Evans and Max Ryder

Handsome Carson Evans was recently turned to the dark side (in episode 28 by the stunning Giovanni), but young Max Ryder has no idea. The boy wants to make someone jealous and get revenge by taking another boys cock up his ass, and when he offers Carson the role of top the horny guy can’t say no. Although the pleasure leads to plenty of cum gushing out, poor Max Ryder is about to get a climax he never expected!

The Recruitment Of Shawn Fox

Episode 30
Featuring: Giovanni Lovell| and Shawn Fox

Giovanni Lovell has a new prey in his sights for this dark and horny encounter as he chooses young and handsome innocent Shawn Fox. The guy is soon under Giovanni’s powerful spell, taking it deep all over the bed the new guy delivers a powerful climax, but that’s not all that’s taken from him.

Episode missing

Episode 31
To date episode 31 has not been released.

Kane Hansen turned by Carson Evans

Episode 32
Featuring: Kane Hansen and Carson Evans

Carson Evans has another young lad to use and potentially persuade to the dark side in this episode, and although young Kane Hansen appears calm in the face of the vampire’s threats, he soon bends to Carson’s will.

Vamp Eddie Cruz Takes Max Ryder

Episode 33
Featuring: Kane Hansen and Carson Evans

Max Ryder returns after his encounter with Carson, and he seems very familiar with vampires so young stud Eddie Cruz and his fangs don’t seem to throw him off.