Twinklight: the full story

The Twinklight story begins with Billa (played by Skyelr Bleu), who runs away from his home to Las Vegas where he moves in with his fellow twinkie friend Bailey (JT Wreck). When Billa changes his mind and goes out on his first night he finds himself thrust into a world of vampires, one Bailey is all to familiar with. But Billa catches the eye of one brooding vampire who comes to his protection, Edmund. The sexy Edmund (Krys Perez) doesn’t want Billa to be put in danger, not just from the other vampires but himself. As hard as Edmund tries to push Billa away, the become closer until he reveals his vampiric nature to Billa in one intense act of love making. Woven between their scenes, we witness other vampires having sex and feeding on a long line-up of cute twinks, while we also see Edmund’s own turning and his attempt to turn a mortal he loved and believes lost, the character of Egan (Jayden Ellis). Egan isn’t completely turned by Edmund, but is later saved by Edmund’s sire Ethan (Ethan Storm).

Twinklight is a dramatic and graphic expose on the secrets, horrors and sexual fantasies of vampires. Watch as these young and deadly monsters take whatever pleasures they desire, reveling in a world of unrestrained gratification and hardcore twink fucking.

Other characters who appear in the full-length movie include numerous vampires and victims. Rad Matthews plays vampire 3, who seduces and feeds off a ‘straight’ Elijah (Levon Meeks). Preston Andrews, who was originally cast as Billa, plays victim 1, though his scene in the feature was with vampire Egan where he ends the scene being turned. Vampire 1 (Brice Carson) first takes a liking to Billa, but is scared away by Edmund. Brice later turns Bailey, and appears in a number of follow-up episodes. Vampire 2 (Aidan Chase) appears once during the feature, a cute black-haired twink in a fur vest, Aidan seduces and feeds off victim 2 (Dustin Revees). One additional character appear in the film, Billa’s ex-boyfriend of no name (played by Darin) appears with Billa at the beginning and returns later on as Bailey’s first victim as part of a three-some which also includes Ethan.

The additional episodes are (in order of release):

Twink Has One Hot, Final Fuck with Ex-Boyfriend: extended scene featuring Billa and his ex. No fangs or vampire action.

Vampire Leads Twink into the Sexy Depths of the Underworld: extended scene where Bailey is seduced by vampire (Brice Carson), ending with Bailey being bitten (but not immediately turned).

Vampire Ties Up Twink and Makes Him a Sexual Slave: extended scene between vampire 3 (Rad Matthews) has Elijah (Levon Meeks). Rad has tied up Elijah in his vampire lair, within the vampire club. He wastes no time plunging his fangs into the boys neck, devouring his blood with dark intensity. The straight Elijah is more than happy to oblige after this fateful encounter and a sexy, bloody blowjob follows.

Vampire Plays Cello to Seduce his Prey: this was an original scene from when Preston was Billa. Edmund first plays his cello for Preston. The musical foreplay leads to lustful, demanding sex as the two lovers devour each other’s bodies.

Horny Vampire Chains His Victim by the Throat: the extended scene between vampire 2 (Aidan Chase) and his Victim (Dustin Revees). The victim is chained by the throat and taking orders from his vampire master.

Vampires Have Been This Sexy But Never This Naked: in the first true additional episode, Egan has left Las Vegas and we watch him prowl through the woods following Victim 3 turned (played by newcomer Kain Lanning). Kain gets the feeling someone is watching him. ‘Hello, is anybody there?’, he shouts. Nobody answers. Scared, and alone he quickly starts to head back to his cabin. He glances back and out jumps Egan. He bares his pointed teeth before the chase begins. Egan chases Kain through the woods, back to his cabin. Egan is already inside, assuring Kain he isn’t going to hurt him. After Egan seduces Kain, he tells his victim he’s building an army, but at the end of the episode we don’t know if Kain is turned.

You Really Are Being Followed: Edmund takes us back to his past when he used to hunt and feed on mortals. He spots Brice (future vampire 1) coming out of a back alley. When Brice notices he’s being followed, a chase ensues, and Edmund pins his victim up against a chained link fence. Edmund bares his fangs and to his surprise, Brice admits vampires as a turn on and invites Edmund back to his place. The two waste no time, they undress each other, suck each other, then Edmund gives Brice the fuck of a life time. And while Edmund feeds off Brice in the end, we’ll see mortal Brice in a future episode.

Scared Boy is Surrounded: Tyler Bolt is waiting for the bus to arrive. He’s confronted by two guys, Alex Todd and Jonathan Cole, on their nightly prowl. When Tyler attempts to leave, he’s forced into sticking around and the scene leads into a hot threesome. We’re lead to believe this boys are vampires but we never see fangs.

Confused Boy Under Vampire Power: Jason Alcok is crying at the bus stop after being stranded by his friend, the same bus stop from the previous episode. But this time a single new vampire (Jae Landen) appears to comfort Jason. Then under Jae’s hypnotizing gaze, Jason is soon naked for the taking. The two suck and fuck on the bench before the bloodsucker coats the mortal’s chest with his seed. And just like the previous scene at this bus stop bench, we never see fangs on the vampire.

Vampires Contemplate Eternal Life: in this episode we are taken back in time and are introduced to Elijah White, a new vampire to the story who lectures his mortal boy toy about the rules and expectations of being his little pet. To prove his loyalty, Kyle is forced to drink the blood of another mortal pet, Kain Lanning who’s caged up in the room for the occasional feeding. This is the second episode with Kain, and in it he’s still mortal which answers the question whether Egan turned him.

Horny vampire Edmund feasts on cock and ass tonight: in another flashback with Edmund we meet victim 6 (Josh Bensan), a journalist who has taken an interest in the life of Edmund (sounds like Interview with the twink-vampire). Little does he know, he’d soon discover what Edmund’s life is about when Edmund reveals what he really is. After some vampire persuasion and some feeding, Krys takes Josh into the bedroom where he seduces his victim further.

Won’t You Come In?: Kain finally appears in his first role as a vampire, when he meets up with Adrian Layton in hopes of fulfilling his new hunger for blood. Learning that his newly found hook up is into biting, Kain gladly fulfills Adrian’s fetish. After sucking, fucking and blowing his load, he gives Adrian a little love bite.

Edmund Devours his Prey: Edmund and Brice return once more, with Brice still mortal. In a steamy scene with some acrobatic maneuvers, Edmund bares his fangs again, especially when he slinks between Brice’s legs, minding his fangs while sucking his dick. After things get sticky when the boys cum, they get bloody as Krys feeds.

A Chance Encounter Turns Hot and Wet: Vampire Kain returns, prowling the streets when he comes across Jonathan Cole, who’s looking for some company. The two end up back at the house in the shower together, trading oral and eating each others asses. Kain bends Jonathan over the sink to fuck him, before Kain even gets his own ass fucked by Jonathan before the two blow their loads all over Jonathan’s stomach.